Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Video: 8 years later

8 Years Later & Still Rebuilding

Today we worked with some rebuilding of a house.  It was great that we had a group of guys from Wisconsin (which many of our participants thought had really cute funny accents, don't ya know) to show us the ins and outs of hanging drywall, working with insulation, and tiling some floors. 

The couple who own the house have not been back in it for over 8 years.  They provide the coffee for the camp & restoration team we are working with and they found out that their house hasn't been touched and have since sent volunteers to help with the rebuilding.  The woman who owns it was so sweet sharing stories of her children, showing off where things used to be, and shared how horribly flooded the place was. 

Below are two videos showing what we were doing:

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